Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday,it is also the birthday for the Party and the memorial of Hong Kong regressive to my motherland and so on.First,I hope my motherland will be powerful increasingly,Hong Kong will be prosperity increasingly.I feel pride and happiness for this day is also my birthday!

Then happy birthday to me!

When the time was about 0 o'clock,I got a message from my baby Miss Tang,this is the first time and the best and the most beautiful wish for me.Although it is just one sentence,I felt so happy!Thank you once again!Tell you a secret,my baby always call me "the cat with a large face".For some time,my signature was "the cat with a large face",many people could not understand why,this is the answer.:-)

I do not know how to enjoy my birthday,but I never mind how to enjoy.Maybe I will be sleeping the whole day,or be washing for a long long time,because there are many laundry.Of course,maybe I will have a sumptuous dinner?But I can not believe it will be true,little idiot!

In the pass,when my birthday was coming,I always pretendedly ignored.Low-key? Perhaps that's right. Year 2005, the day of my birthday, I can remember, my boss invitationed us to drink. that night, I drank a lot,a lot,not a little! You know? And eat the cake, that's my birthday cake, the only cake of my birthday,so I can not forget that day. It let me yearn my childhood. When I was a children ,every time my birthday was coming,my dear mother always made an egg for me as my birthday present. Why? Perhaps, that's the costom of my hometown? I don't konw. Missing eggs, missing my dear mother very much!Very very much!!

Is there any body want to give me some gifts or some wishes?? Hehe, just a joke. If you can read all the diary, I will thank you. If you can write a comment, I will thank you very much! If you can give me some... I will thank you Very very much!!If you... If the time is so late,I must sleep now!

Oh,my god!What's the time?Good night and sweet dream!

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